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With a knack for numbers and a thoughtful tough love approach to leadership, Puja Rios presents her proven formula for success. Her book, Get It Together: A Winning Formula for Success From the Boss You Need guides readers through what it takes to achieve the results they want in business and life.

Chapter by chapter she breaks down the success principles she’s applied to achieve both business and personal goals, with the perfect mix of encouragement and hard truths. Whether it’s having clarity about your goals, developing critical thinking skills, or persevering through pain, Puja’s lucid lessons are immediately actionable and profoundly transformative.

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The life and career you want might just be a few adjustments away, but do you even know what’s holding you back? If you seek clarity about what you want, guidance on how to get it, and are ready to get it together and achieve the success you deserve, fill out the simple form below to take the first step in getting it together with Puja Rios. Download chapter one of her book for free here:

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Puja Rios
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Puja Rios is the CRO of, a Forbes Books author, an advocate for those living with chronic pain, and an in-demand speaker. Her work eliminates the excuses keeping companies and individuals from achieving their potential.


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Puja Rios is a nationally-recognized speaker bringing empowerment to audiences across the country. The tough love she brings to crowds and clients creates real, lasting growth.

Do You Need To Get It Together?

Probably! Most of us do in some way or another. So, what are you going to do about it?

Look, we all stumble. But, beating yourself up about it is only going to keep you from growing and getting better. Sometimes we just need to remove the uncertainty about the stuff holding us back to get motivated and get it together. If you want to reveal some of the blind spots getting in your way, take my free assessment!